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something to live by


Palo Alto (2014) dir. Gia Coppola

"You know Picasso drew fast, he could draw a dove in 16 seconds"
"But to do it in 16 seconds it took 6 decades of practice, technical skill is not enough, it’s never enough. He had to master the masters, before he was able to abandon what he learned and become Picasso."

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thomas maielaender’s “no pain, no gain”


Did you know it?
#33. Frank Ocean has a 1990 BMW E30 sedan custom-made similar to the one on the cover of his Nostalgia, Ultra mixtape.


“But your best friend is still your best friend. Even from half a world away. Distance can’t sever that connection. Best friends are the kind of people who can survive anything. And when best friends see each other again, after being separated by half a world and more miles than you think you can bear, you pick up right where you left off. After all, that’s what best friends do.”

Existing while Black is not a crime.

NMOS Rally 2k14
Union Square, NYC

Verena Michels and Zyanya Keizer S/S 2015


Sampsa, 26

“If I buy clothes in Finland, I go to Uff. Now I’m wearing a second hand jacket from Paris and shoes which I bought online. For three years I tried to find a pair of proper winter shoes in a shop in Helsinki, but no luck. I try to dress up practically. My style changes a lot according to the situation.”

13 March 2013, Keskuskatu



my favorite band is the beatles. i also enjoy the taste of flour



Sorry I was speeding, officer. I was listening to Mumford and Sons and the banjo solo came on.



Jeremy Irons and Anthony Andrews in Brideshead Revisited